We are very happy to announce our workshop program.

Please note: All workshops are limited with respect to the number of participants. Workshop registrations are taken on a “first come, first served” principle. Please book early in order to secure your place.

Additionally, we organize a lunch box (each 10 $) for Tue 11 a.m., Tue 2.30 p.m. and Wed 11 a.m.. Please state your preference via the workshop registration link.

For an overview of the workshops, please click here.

How to register for the pre-conference workshops?

You will be prompted to select workshops during the online conference registration procedure. Please follow this link provided by INSNA.

Workshop Fees

INSNA has set the fee for all workshops.

Students:                        30$ for 3-hour workshop, 60$ for a 6-hour workshop

INSNA members:         50$ for 3-hour workshop, 100$ for a 6-hour workshop

Affiliate members:       50$ for 3-hour workshop, 100$ for a 6-hour workshop