Practical Information

For Sunbelt guests who arrive in Germany on Sunday, May 19th or Monday, May 20th 2013, please be aware that these days are public holidays (Pentecost) and all shops will be closed.

Entry requirements/Visa regulations
European Union nationals:
EU nationals do not require a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany.

Non-European Union nationals:
Please check your entry requirements/visa regulations here.

Electricity supply
Throughout Germany, electricity is supplied at 220-240 volts. The main socket type is Europlug or Schuko. Check whether you need a travel plug adapter or a voltage converter for your electrical devices ( Please bring your own adapter!

Health insurance
It is advisable to have medical insurance before you travel. Germany has reciprocal health-care agreements with many countries. For further information, check, ‘On holiday in Germany’.

Tipping up to 10% for outstanding service is common, but not necessarily expected in restaurants, hotels and taxis in Germany.

The Euro “€” is the official currency in Germany. You can change money at banks, post offices and currency exchanges in airports or train stations. The usual credit cards, like American Express, Master Card, Diners Club or VISA are rather rarely used but accepted by major hotels, petrol stations or large shops.

Cell Phones
German cell phones perform on a GSM network, which is not compatible with the North American or Japanese system. U.S. wireless firms, like T-Mobile or Cingular, use GSM, but on different frequency bands. If you own a multi-band cell phone, you can use it in the USA and in Europe. If not, there are many places to buy or rent an unlocked GSM mobile phone with a SIM card that works in Europe and about 190 other countries operating with a GSM network all over the world.


Cobra Copy GmbH, Von-Melle-Park 5, approx. dist. 350

ABA Druck/Copy, Grindellee 40-42, approx. dist. 550m

Repro Lüdke Kopie + DruckSchlüterstraße 50, approx. dist. 500m


Surf & Schlurf Internetcafé, Bartelsstr. 8, approx. 10 minutes by taxi

Tim Buktu-online-Cafe, Heinrich-Barth-Straße 14, approx. 5 minutes by taxi

Coffee-Net Hamburg, Baumeisterstraße 15, approx. 10 minutes by taxi